DAB Radios UK

Enjoy DAB is a new website to bring together all the information about "DAB", a newtechnology which is taking the radio world by storm and 2005 is set to be a great year forDAB, as many new products and new services will become available. If you do not know what DAB is,this helpful website will give you all the information you need to learn more about the newradio technology.

If you already know the basics of DAB, then this website will let you know what productsare currently available on the market and the reviews they have been getting. The websitewill also expand to help you get the best out of you new DAB radios and will keep youup-to-date on the developments and future plans for new Digital Radio services acrossthe UK.

DAB radios are being produced by Pure, Sony, Bush, and some DAB radios are bring world first features, like thePure's "The Bug" which is the world's first digital radio with the ReVu techonology, which letsyou pause and rewind live radio and even record whole tracks that you've just caught halfway through onto amemory card.

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