What is DAB Digital Radio?

DAB Digital Radio is revitalises the radio experience in the UK. DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting,and it is truly Revolutionising the way we listen to radio today. Traditional analogue frequency spectrumssuch as FM and AM have become overcrowded, leaving no space for new stations. In many areas listener nowhave double the choice of stations to listen to compared to FM radio.

Digital broadcasting also allows the sending of data and multi-media signals to your radio. DAB is a digitaltechnology and as such has many advantages over the traditional analogue broadcasting being used.

Better Reception - Crystal Clear, Interference Free Sound

DAB digital radio doesn't suffer from the annoying effects of interference caused by adverse atmosphericconditions or electrical interference, which can spoil analogue broadcasts. DAB Digital Radio sounds great!With DAB digital radio what you get is more robust reception and pure, clear CD-like quality sound. No more hiss,crackle, popping or fading of music, just great radio. You wont believe it until you hear it.

So Easy To Use
At a touch of a button you can tune into another DAB digital radio station. There will be no more fine tuningot searching for stations to get the best reception - a DAB set allows the listener to scroll through a list ofavailable stations - then simple tune in by pressing the 'select' button. Straight away you get super clear radioreception without the fuss.

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Radio stations are displayed by their name, from the radio?s LCD screen scroll through the many stationsat a touch of a button. No more frequencies to search through or differcult stations to remember.

One Station - Nationwide Coverage
All BBC and many Commercial radio stations are broadcast on the same single frequency wherever you are in the country.So when your traviling about, there is no need to re-tune your radio to keep listening to the same radio station,Even if your driving from London to Glasgow.